Buddies Social Programs

The Berger Learning Group offers social skills groups and playgroups based on age, ability and skill level using a behavioral approach. Social behaviors such as eye contact, initiating and responding to peers along with age-appropriate pragmatic language skills are addressed and reinforced in all our Buddies groups.

Our Progams

L'il Buddies

Ages 2-4: Focuses on developmentally appropriate play skills such as parallel play, joint attention, imitation skills, receptive and expressive language skills, interactive and pretend play. Strategies used during the playgroup to increase and improve play and social interaction are shared and modeled for parents/caregivers to implement at home.

Junior Buddies

Ages 4-8: Addresses peer interaction with a focus on eye contact, appropriately initiating and maintaining social interactions, responding to peers, turn-taking, increasing social language through structured activities, and learning to seek out help from peers.

Super Buddies

Ages 8-13: Works on the social behaviors and social language skills covered in Junior Buddies but at a more advanced level. Skills such as perspective-taking, understanding social rules and working as a team are also addressed through discussion and role play.

Teen Buddies

Ages 14-18: Covers such skills as topic maintenance, reading nonverbal cues in others during conversation, handling challenging social situations and people as well as communicating via text, email and social media. Trips into the community for age-appropriate activities are part of the Teen Buddies program.

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